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by Slayer » Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:44 pm
So my car has been neglected for some time now, and is slowly dieing.

The front shocks were shot (and i found out yesterday just how bad they were)
It goes through a wheel bearing yearly *probably due to bad alignment*
needs alignment after the bearing is replaced.

Rust everywhere

so, in the spirit of keeping it alive, i have finally started to put some money into the car..

Over the past 5 years, I have only put brakes, oil changes, battery, alternator and gas into the car, oh ya and 1 set of tires

not bad really for a car that i sold the warranty back to the dealer after a year :D

unfortunately, years without Preventative maintenance finally caught up to me.

Last night i bought my shocks and bearing, $140 cash, not a bad deal

pulled the entire front end apart, then realized I didn't have spring compressors to swap the coil springs out.
I also forgot to figure out what bearing was shot before i took it apart (i wasn't putting it back together just to check and take it apart again) so there's 1 more night later

Anyways went out and bought a set of spring compressors, came back and finished the job, I was driving the car a day earlier than expected :D

all in all without the delay of running out for tools took about 1.5 hours + I painted the rusty control arms and sub frame while i was under there.

Next on my to do list

Fix my broken exhaust hanger
Fix Rust Hole
Rear Window Wiper motor

after all that maybe she'll be good enough to trade in or sell lol

maybe when the list is complete I'll clean the car, i don't think ive cleaned it in a couple years ( i know sounds bad) but when you give up and just use it as an A-B car, everything gets neglected

ya so there's my rant for the day lol, if you read this far, you must be as bored as me.
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by GHOSTRYDER » Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:48 pm
lmao. poor car. Sounds like my boss's truck. It's his daily driver/bush/work vehicle, with no parking brake, bad brakes all around, shocks that make you get sea sick, broken leafs in the back, a muffler that rattles agaisnt everything and a body that flies like its a kite. Then their is my dads truck that has more toggle switch's then a NASA launch control room and more lights too. I would hate to see my vehicle's end up in this shape. Oh wait....ive been neglecting the ford for an obvious reason. FORD!!!. hahaha hope it lasts as long as you need it too.
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