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by niteshooter » Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:04 pm
JAGV wrote:thanks for all the Input!!....

to make things more complicated... tire23 quoted me

205/45/16 General Exclaim UHP $430/set Tax in, mounted and balanced

They seem to have good reviews, they use that Silica tread tech that Kumho uses on the SPT and others... Apparently much better traction especially in wet.

My application will mainly be commuting to work... plus i am currently running 175/70r14 toyo ulta800's, so I'm sure there will be a performance increase.

I may try these Generals... but I'm still undecided

I think those Generals are the same tires that Crappy Tire sells as their UHP tires they also seem to be close on price. I have a set of 205/50 16's on my SL2. They track straight, stick ok but I've started to hear a slapping sound that I think might be a belt that has slipped, I've checked for stones, found a nail which was repaired but still get this thwap thwap thwap sound so I'm really hesitant to recommend these.

Prior to this I've run Yokohama A008's, and Bridgestone RE750's on my SL2 which were excellent summer tires. In hindsight I should have spent the extra $$ to get another set of Bridgestones instead of going cheap.

Our SL1 has 215/40 16 Kuhmo's that we got from Greg, sticky tires, wander a bit and be careful as these make my speedo 6km/h off, eg 100 kph is actually 94 kph as checked with a GPS.

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by S3aturnR » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:11 pm
JAGV wrote:I picked up a set of 16x7 rims of my 98 SL1 and i need new tires. I am looking at (for summer usage only)..

Kumho ECSTA SPT KU31 .... 205/45R16
Kumho ECSTA SPT KU31 .... 215/40R16

Kumho ECSTA 711 .... 205/40R16 ... this is what are on the rims now (1 or 2 tires could be used as back up.)

Falken ZE-512 Tires .... 215/40ZR16
Falken ZE-512 Tires .... 205/45R16

Any thoughts or experiences with these tire models... I will be using them as summer only (obviously)

what's your Opinion?

for summer use, you can't beat the falken rt-615. if you're not driving on the street, kumho ecsta v710 is a great choice...



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by sc2racer » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:29 pm
I have RT - 615's and I drove my car yesterday in the 33 degree weather and when i put her back in the garage the tires were HOTTTT .. i poured water on them and they started to steam ... :D


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by subliminal64 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:36 pm

I have Yokohama Avid H4's on mine. They are an H rated tire. They come with an 80,000KM warrenty (unlike Z rated...and most other performance tires). I've had them on for about 6 years now....about 100,000 KM on them. Should replace them this year or next. Will prolly buy them again. I paid about $140/each for them, but that was 6 years ago.


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by scrt69 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:12 pm
yeah, i have heard that yoko's quality is going downhill a lot in the past year or 2. burning off REAL fast, as well as balancing issues... so i have steered away from those ones... if your gonna pay for yoko's, you might asa well get something else comparable ;)


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by Viperoni » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:46 pm
My dads got 235/70/15 Yoko Avid Touring's on his car, and though they dont stick that well, they go up in smoke NICELY, and have great life.

Not that I've done burnouts on them or anything ;)

Apparently the ultra hi po Yoko's are really good... but $$$$.
The AVS Es100's are garbage though, compound's too hard.


by DaFuzzTSU » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:28 pm
I don't have a lot of experience, but I know that I picked up some Nexens a little while ago, and I really like them so far. They may be a little below the level of performance you want, but they are rated well, and the price is way less than toyo, kumho, etc.


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by niteshooter » Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:12 pm
Hi the General/Canadian Tire UHP's are cheap tires. I have a set on my SL2 and for daily driving they are ok although it sounds like a belt on one of the rear tires is going at 50K. For the 50 series the ride is fairly soft and tire noise is minimal.

If you are going to drive them hard I would probably pass but then on the SL1 though you probably won't be taking them to the limit if your motor is stock so they should be ok. Guess it will depend on how much $$ you can spend.

I tried some 215/16's on our stock SL1 and I noticed a huge performance hit. Car sticks like glue with the Kuhmo tires but because they are so wide and sticky my off the line performance and gas mileage really took a hit as the SOHC just didn't have the hp to pull them.

Best tires I've run on the SL2 were Bridgestone Potenza's and I ran them down past the wear bars which makes them pretty scary in the wet but they stick in the dry and were great in the wet when new. These were a lot noisier than the UHP's but less than the ECSTA's.


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by vueboi » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:27 pm
i have General Tire Altimax RT 235 65 16 for the Vue
they are much better than the stock Bridgestone Duellers
the 97SC2 has ZE 512s 205 50 15- i like them but the speedo is off by 9km at 120, which i dont mind...stock size scrapes the inner fenderwell


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by Viperoni » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:38 pm
I have BFG KDW's in 205/55/15, good in the dry, great at teh drag strip when you heat them up, dangerous in the wet even if they're halfway worn.

I had Gislaved NordFrost 3's in the winter last year, one of the best winter tires on the market. Even when they were almost at the wear bars, they were still incredibly sticky in the snow.

Walmart Wintermark snow tires I had were pretty good for the money (bout $65 a tire), but they are a cheap winter tire.

This winter I have Goodyear Nordic's on the back, and I got Bridgestone WS-60's on the front. Can't wait for the snow to hit, the WS-60's are very soft, and are supposed to be SICK on the ice.
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