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by FullmetalWolf111 » Tue May 05, 2009 11:54 am
Okay.. So.. I've decided on a Thermal Cat-back with High-Flow cat, AEM or Hotshot short ram intake, and DIY bored TB. Now, I need to plan out handling and suspension. Any ideas for handling upgrades under $500USD? i was thinking a front strut tower brace. Some type of springs with no more than 1" or 1.5" drop if 1" isn't available, cuz i don't always have good clearance in certain situations already ><. Anyone know any companies that make 1" or 1.25" drop springs? If not, then i'll just go with Sprint Springs. I believe the struts need to be replaced because as far as i know, the previous owner didn't replace them and their pushin 81,000 Miles, so should i go with KYB? How much would they cost USD? Any other suspension mods for a daily driver that still drives hard on command?
What summer tires can handle downpour and are nice and sticky for a budget daily driver? Also, should i keep winter/Four-seasons on stock alloys and get the summers on new rims? Whats the max tire size for a sc2, cuz im not a fan of the stock, narrow footprint tires? I'm going to head out to the junkyards and look for some used lightweight rims. Any good rims, aftermarket or non-saturn, that fit (slight modifying or OEM fit)?


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by andrew88 » Sun May 24, 2009 12:31 am
I am not lowered yet so cannot help there. I have heard good things about changing all your bushings with Energy suspension poly ones. http://www.suspension.com/saturn.html

But I have some Acura rims that I like 15". Carbide bit, die grinder and some lube and they fit right on. Hub size is a little smaller on a honda.


Not sure what offset they have compared to the stockies. But I can say a a 205/ 60 was the biggest I could run. With my 215/ 60s they rubbed the subrame when doing hard turns lol.
This will help match a tire size so you can keep your speedo close.

I have my winters on the stocks as well, then you do not have to constantly get them unmounted and remounted. Tires are not a fan of it either.
As for tires on a budget I have some "nice" motormaster all seasons from Crappy Tire and have been quite pleased with them. I put them on once the snow had melted and they handled fine in the little snows we had after the main melt so as far as stickiness goes they work for me!


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by viperssaturn » Sun May 24, 2009 8:43 am
Gyrlspeed has KYB's for $200us shipped. I know people will say they are a little cheaper on ebay, but we need to support the little support we get. As for tires on a budget, you should be able to buy Falken ze912's for about $75 /tire. Also the lower end Kumho's are pretty decent for a budget tire. You should definitely swap struts, springs, and maybe even a strut bar. The master bushing set from Energy will make things toit again down low. You should be able to do all that under $500 us or maybe slightly more. As for wheels, depends which way you want to go. I would wait till you get your suspension done unless you would rather have nice wheels first. Just remember, stock wheels will still keep you on the road but a shitty suspension could get you in trouble depending on the way you drive.
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by Michaelfup » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:52 pm
Thats a big thread....but worth keeping.

I know it will helpme when setting suspension.

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