Gas Spotting on Saturn ION

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by gord888 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:06 pm
I just recently had this issue on my saturn ion. Just posting here in case anyone finds it useful.

- Gas smell coming from the car
- spotting/dripping gas near the drivers side rear wheel

- Rusted fuel lines just above the exhaust section near the back wheel in the area covered up by the heat shielding wrap

The symptoms listed are very similar to those of a leak at the fuel pump that is common for the Cobalt/ION/Pursuit model vehicles. If it really is the fuel pump that is leaking, GM has a "special coverage" for that issue and you can get the repair made for free. I confirmed this with Saturn help line recently (in Canada). I'll leave instructions on how to reach them. In my case, it was a rusty fuel line, so, the dealer charged me 30 min of labor to diagnose the issue wasn't part of the special coverage.

Saturn canada direct phone line
Press 3 - customer service embassador
Press 3 - recall information

Repair Costs
Dealer quoted me about $900 + tax to replace the fuel lines, front to back. Another $100 to also replace the fuel filter.
Alternatively, you can do the repair yourself by buying fuel lines here: ... 55-a4-set/
Unlike OEM, the linestogo parts are broken up into 4 sections. Just be careful with the front section evap line - there are special instructions to handle that couple feet of line. Total cost of doing it yourself will be around $250-300 CAD.

Special tip - if you're ordering from linestogo, add the item to your cart and go all the way to through the check-out process but stop just short of buying it. After a couple days you'll get an email coupon code that will offer you $10 off your purchase. Also, the linestogo kit should come with a craptacular fuel filter, but they didn't have it in stock. If you ask, they will compensate you $20 discount to cover the cost of purchasing your own filter.

Other notes - installation took me about a whole day - close to 7 hours. But since i've never replaced a fuel line, i was being very methodical about it.

Tools needed:
- Fuel Line Disconnect Tool: needed to disconnect the fuel filter, as well as the connection to the fuel rail
- oil pan: you'll need this to catch all the gas
- pipe cutter: i bought a copper pipe cutter from home depot. These SUCK at cutting the mild steel piping for fuel lines. But, it will work.
- wrenches: i think they were 18mm and 14mm... but i'm going from memory
- Flat head screw driver: the plastic mounts that hold the lines in place are a PITA. Here's a link to saturnfans that has pictures on how to deal with it: ... p?t=223630. You should put the screw driver in on both sides and twist in the same direction to unlock them. You may need a second screw driver to pry down at the same time.
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by andrew88 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:38 pm
Nice info! Thanks for the post.
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