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by Frostman » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:23 am
2002 Lw200 2.2L 5 speed

Not really happy right now. Went to start my car at work and it hesitated to turn over, pumped one cylinder waited for a second, then it started fine. Started is several more times that evening and thought nothing of it. Next morning go to start my car... *click* but it didn't turn over, dammit! Damn started failed. I have a brand new battery and 4 gauge wire to the starter alternator fuse box and engine ground.

Bought a new starter today, installed it 10 minutes ago and the same shit! However, like a dumb ass I left the key in the on position. About after 30 seconds, I hear a weird noise from the throttle body. Gave it a little hit and nothing. Felt around and I could feel something vibrating. Seemed like the TPS is surging.

So, new starter, new battery, 4 gauge wire, checked all fuses and no error codes are popping up. Possible TPS failure and not causing it to pop a code?

Need help!


PS I am going to try an other battery just in case this one has failed already.
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by andrew88 » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:04 am
Check all your connections from when you upgraded the wiring. If one of the terminals is loose to the wire or what ever its bolted to would give some troubles. And even if the tps was out to lunch it wouldn't stop the starter from engaging.
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by viperssaturn » Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:19 am
New battery or not....have you put a volt meter on it? That would be the first place I would check. What kind of battery did you put in? We had an almost new Eliminator (motomaster) battery in and the battery had a short in it as the guy told me. Pretty much it was a dead cell and it doesnt show up on a charger but does show on a volt meter. The guy also told me that the motomaster (all) batteries that are used for saturns, are the most common battery number and have had problems with this. If we werent getting a new one under warranty, he told us to stay away. BTW, have you checked your alternator too? Voltmeter, voltmeter, voltmeter.
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by Frostman » Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:44 pm
I haven't updated this, but I quickly found out what the problem was when I started to dink around with it. One of the connections that I made with a BLOW TORCH and solder, took two twists and it came off. Should have used flux! So instead of screwing around I got some crimp style connectors and she works fine now.

So this was NOT a mechanical issue of any of the components on the car, this was a I'm a fucking idiot and won't do anything like this again when I am in a hurry. I decided to do my 4 gauge wire the day before leaving to Guelph and time started crunching down. So I learned my lesson on that. But she starts like a champ with a solid connection and 4 gauge! And I have a spare starter used starter with a new solenoid too. Don't ask what happened there, that story is bigger than the loose wire issue LOL
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