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by Slayer » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:28 pm

Q: I Have more than one vehicle in the garage, how do i list multiple vehicles beside my posts?
A: Unfortunately you cannot do this at this time, The SQL overhead is too high, and will cause the server to run too slow (especially on really long threads). You can however, change the vehicle shown alongside your posts, and in the members list by changing the main vehicle.

Q: How do i change my Main Vehicle listed in the garage?
A: This can only be done if you have more than 1 vehicle listed in the garage. To do this, Login to the site, go to the Garage, and click on the vehicle you would like to set as your Main. (a list is located on the left hand side menu). After you have chosen a vehicle (that is not already set as the main vehicle) simply click on the MAIN VEHICLE button ... Shown below

Q: I want to link to my vehicle on other sites, but the URL is too long (and or) very confusing.
A: That is not really a Question. A new feature added to the bottom of your vehicles page (right below your description) you will see a link to use, so you can link to your car much easier, it changes the URL from something like to

Q: How do I upload pictures to my garage?
A: First: Create a Vehicle, Find this in the menu on the left.

If you've already done that, you'll see your Vehicle Information....
eg: 2001 Saturn SC1

Click that

on the right, you'll see Manage Gallery

Click that

that will bring you to your Upload Page
Upload and Manage your pictures from there.

Q: Why do i get filesize too large errors?
A: The Default image size for the site is 3 Megabytes per file (3072kb) and a maximum resolution of 4000x4000. This is eqivilant to a 10 megapixel Camera. If you have anything Below that you should be ok. If you have a Higher resolution camera than that, you can use your favorite Image editor and downsize the image a little.
You can adjust the image size to make it 4000 or less and/or just save it with a little more compression (eg: in photoshop use Medium or 8-10 for quality) and this should make it a smalle rimage for you.
Please Note: These settings were UPGRADED on Feb 4/09, if you have problems uploading before that try again it may work now.

If you have any questions / Comments related to the garage ask it here, and i will answer it, and update this post (it may get long)

all space for uploading images donated by
Updated : Feb 04, 2009 Reason : Space "Donated" by IdolizedHosting NOT IdolCreations any more. and Image Size Question added
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