Garage now Running (official Open Date Jan 1st 2007)

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by Slayer » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:26 pm
What is the Garage you migth ask, well it is a very well programed peice of code, as an addon to phpBB (the software that is running this site right now). It's so good that i install it on any site i create for automobile enthusiests. In the past coupel weeks, it has taken a HUGE turn for the better, and getting more and more features added to it all the time..

Ok you may be asking, why can't i add a vehicle to the garage if its already running?

Wellt hats Simple, as the site owners have already stated in a past topic, the Garage will only be available for paid club members. Since paid memberships doesn't start until Jan 1st 2007, you cant technically be a paid memebr yet ;)

The Moderators of this site have access to the Garage right now, and I ask that they Add vehicles and As much data as they possably can. This will show the users of the site how powerful, and content rich this addon can become.

Here's some of the features the garage will have for all users with access.

Your Vehicle will be lsited to the left of your posts, (below your location) with a link to your garage page (with as many pictures as your membership allows) ... we'll ge tto that later.

You can Upload Photos of your Vehicle, (including Pictures of Modifications), and even list the modifications you have done to the Vehicle.

The price of your Modifications can be added so you can keep track of the amount of money you've spent.

1/4 mile runs (with timeslips) can be added.

DynoRuns, with images as well...

Now onto the Image specifications... It was decided along tiem ago that the garage would require users to remotly link all their images... Main reasoning behind this is .. for those of you who do NOT know .. thsi site is actually run off the server, and sharing space / bandwidth of my main site. so i was trying to not use up all my space.
I however decided since i do sponsor this site (by donating the space and bandwidth) i deciede to allow the suers here to Upload their images...

from my understanding to date there will be 2 levels of memberships come the new year
For now they are called
Paid Members (first level)
Premium Members (second level) they may chaneg int he future who knows right now.

here's the status of those levels
Paid Members receive 1 vehicle in teh Garage with 10 Local Images and 50 Remote images (60 total)
Premium memebrs receive 1 Vehicle in the Garage with 25 Local Iamges and 100 remote images (125 Total)

lets get this clearer.. Local means.. you click UPLOAD and it uploads to this server
Remote means you type in the URL of an image located on another server eg: Cardomain, imageshack, your personal website etc...

I will currently add my Mazda to the Garage so you can see what exactly it is capable of.. (once it is added you will see a link beside this post saying 1993 Mazda MX6) click that to see my garaeg...

i am thinking abotu buying a saturn and will change it to saturn in the future .. obviously.

I will Officially make this a Garage Questions Thread now, If you have troubles useing, or understanding the garage (or even get some type of error) please post it here..


O6P Staff
Posts: 1568
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by Slayer » Tue Jan 09, 2007 3:55 pm
Update: The garage was making me approve all dynoruns, and 1/4 mile times, i disabled this feature, because i dont think anyone will really care.. if it started to get abused i will turnon the approval again...

so as it stands rigth now you can add yur 1/4 mile and dynoruns and have them appear instantly, rather than waiting for me
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