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by Slayer » Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:50 pm
Ok, about a few months ago, I made a post regarding O6P Software Upgrades. I asked for everyones opinion on a new site template for when we eventually move over to phpBB3. Well since i got such an overwhelming responce (yes thats sarcasim) i finally picked one on my own. I like it, it suits the site. *not much change from this theme therefore people won't be lost in the new software

anyways Today I installed the newest version of phpBB3 on the server, and did a migration from this database to that database, just so we can see how it will eventually look around here

anyways this time i want your opinions!!! let me know what you think!

P.S. the Upper header image is not quite complete yet, Smurfdude and myself and collaborating on this project (more him than me).

ok, so here's the URL:

anything you post on that site WILL be deleted before the site finally goes live!!!

which brings me to the ETA of the new site.
I Don't know! to be honest i can transfer it right now, but we will NOT have a garage. So I am still waiting for an error free garage conversion before i transfer the site over. It could be any day now, it could never happen to be honest i really don't know.
If i don't see any progress on it in the next week or so, i will open the code up and see exactly how i get the data from that Database to the new Database. because i will only need the code to work 1 time, i dont need it to look as pretty as they need it to.

SOoooo Anyways... tell me what you think?


post here how you like it, NOT there, cause i will not read anything there

Thank you
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