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by Slayer » Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:15 am
is anyone having any website errors? I just want to see how the site is running. Ive gotten a couple messages recently, and just want to see if its a site wide, or user specific error

P.S. the 500 Internal Server Error we had last week was not under my control, I was aware of this error when it was hapening.. It was kinda annoying i had to disable the portal page for a couple hours to have the site just load the forum. So dont post about this error...

Other stuff thats happening?

Also: it would be a HUGE help if you could just press PRINT SCREEN when you get the error then paste that snapshot to some image editing program and attach it to the post reply

(print screen captures a copy of your screen to your clipboard) you can then just paste it into photoshop, MSpaint, or any other image program


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