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by Slayer » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:44 pm
if you were pointed here from the registration page please read this topic. If you feel you were banned incorrectly please Email slayer @ idolcreations . com (No Spaces) and let me know the email you are trying to register under.

Ok, as you may or may not have noticed, the Bots arent really going anywhere. You may not see them posting on the forums anymore (i hope not) i havent seen any in over a month, so eitehr i have stopped that part of the bots, or the mods are doing a really good job, eitehr way, im happy.

The problem that we're having now is, they still signup, take up space int eh database, and have links in their "homepage"

One step i took a while back was making the users have to post 1 valid post befor ecoming a verified member (and not showing UN-VERIFIED emmbers in the memberslist)

this seems to have worked except you can sometimes see the newest registered user on the homepage as a spam bot, if you click it, you see their profile etc... its annoying... not too much i can do abotu it..

Also from that verification system you'll sometimes see the post count go funky eg: 191 (2569884) posts

Ignore it lol, i fix it as often as i can, and honestly dont know the exact cause of it, nor am i too worred about it, i just go and manually fix it.

Ok, so now that all that Babble has been posted, here's the real reason i created this post

I have started to take down all the spammers Email addresses and simply BAN those Emails... This will NEVER stop the bots, it truly is ONGOING, But the reason i want to mention this is because sometimes i just ban a whole Domain from being able to register, and i dont want peopel to get locked out of the site...

bot signs up with, i KNOW FOR A FACT this is a Bot, so i bann it... Anotehr Bot signes up with

I got fed up and banned all and eventually all .RU domains... simply because we dont want russians on the board (not being prejudice) but all .RU's seem to be BOTS

anwyas in the past months i have started banning otehr domains that dont show up as true websites when i visit them, or that are NON english, or full of spam.

So if you all of a sudden get locked out of the site sayign you were banned, Email me personally and let me know

sometimes i may ban a legit domain by accident.

This also applies for anyone tryign to signup, if it says your Email was banned, Email me and we'll take care of it.

Anywyas thats my rant / info for hte day...
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by Slayer » Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:48 pm
Update : March 28, 2008

Ok, today i added about 10-15 bots to the database for BANNED emails... so when a bot signs up, and enters that email address again they cant register (hopefully no real ppl are tryign to use these emails)

anyways thanks to a site called i got a list of known BOT email addresses, and added those to the database

So all in all today i added 1000 BANNED email addresses to the DB. Hopefully this will detour the bots a little more.
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