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by Slayer » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:40 am
Ok, it may seem like ive forgotten you all.. You all are probably pissed off at me, or tyhe site. I get nothign but complints that its sloooow as hell..

I agree

here's the Downlow on why its slow.

My current Host (to remain nameless) just recently did some server upgrades.. and if you've noticed everythign went haywire around that time... Im fed up...

thi sis exactly why the server is slow.. (P.S. server is fast) database connection is slow) i think

when this site loads, it sued to login to "LOCALHOST" aka which was really (did i loose anyone yet??) well sicne they chanegd their servers over, they require me to connect to a third server which is NOT associated with or in any way...
basically my host advertises that they have 700,000 websites hosted... each website is allowed somethign liek 25 databases minimum... if everyone even only uses 2 databases, thats 1,400,000 database connections, they make everyone connect tot he same server for some reason now... it is mind boggling when you think of the real number of ppl connecting... think of it this way.... if you have all the sites they host, even with 1 DB each... lets say there are 10 users per site average connecting... thats 70,000,000 connections to thsui 1 server at a time!? go figure...

they ignore my complaints abotu the slowness, and claim it to be temporary.. Whatever... sorry that turned to a venting session lol

so... As a cheap plug, and long overdue announcment, I give you my newest web venture... :P nice name eh...

i need anyone who is pissed off at the site to simply goto this URL (scroll down a bit) and then post back here what they think of the speed

P.S> if you post ANYTHING ON THIS NEW SITE is WILL be deleted when it goes live.. i will take the most current DB here and transfr it there...

rememebr its not a live site, bugs are bound to be there, and posts will be missing after FEB 14th 2:30am (now) until it goes live

Alao, seeing as i now am a Webhost provider, i have complete control over my domain / server, and my phpMyAdmin now works again (for those that dont know, thats the backend editor for this database the site runs off of.)

Once the site gets trasfered i will start to fix all those annoying large numbers int he topics section... yes i know about them, yet anotehr problem i had with my old/current host

EDIT: I fixed those weird numbers, i got into my mysqladmin on my current host, SLOW but i was able to clean it out. They MAY return, please continue to ignore them, I still have to figure otu WHY they showed up... those number sin brackets shoudl NOT be visable to anyone except MOD / ADMIN

thanks for your patience on this matter

i hope i covered everythign i wanted to talk about..

rememer, test that new site, and then come back to and post here if its fast or slow

thank you

P.S. Anyone need webhosting? PM me
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by coppertop_01 » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:47 pm
the new host seems to be faster, at least on my cellphone, thanks from me and everybody else on the board for spending your time keeping the board together.



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by slammedsl1 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:00 am

Seems better now... :D


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by Slayer » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:01 pm

Seems better now... :D

No it wasnt hacked, its an ongoing issue... should be resolved very soon
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