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by Viperoni » Thu Apr 12, 2007 1:23 pm
An Excellent Guide with lots of pics:

Info from the super mega swap guide:

The rear disc brakes from any s-series with abs will fit any non-abs s-series.

For some reason Saturn decided to change the E-brake cables six(!) different times.
The models listed below each have their own style E-brake cable.
There are two different lengths (short wheelbase, and long).

Also, in '95 Saturn decided to change the connector at the E-brake cable. This continued till MIDWAY through 1997, then they went BACK to the original style.

91-94 SC/SC1/SC2, 91-94 SL/SL1/SL2 and 91-94 SW1/SW2 and all later 97 + every single 98-02 car
97 with VIN#s VZ334256 (sdn) VZ334335 (wgn) and VZ334269 (cpe) & higher

95-96 SC1/SC2, 95-96 SL1/SL2, 95-96 SW1/SW2 and all early 97 cars
97's with VIN #'s VZ344255 (sedans) VZ344334 (wagons) and VZ334268 (sedans) and prior

Prices for the parts required for a complete swap, as of April 12th, 2007, quoted by Kevin (tpsparts on this forum) from Saturn of Thornhill.
Prices are subject to change without notice, so these prices are just guidelines for Saturn parts, dont expect these to be the prices you will pay!
Now that that's done, onto the prices:

Reman calipers: approx. $135 each
Brake caliper Brackets: $67.55 each
Brake (dust) shields: $15.75 and $15.76
Boot Kit: $9.89 each
(Caliper) Pin Kit: $14.63 each
(Copper) Gaskets: $0.63 each and you need 4 (Absolutely required, do not reuse your old ones!!)
Spring Kit for the brake pads: $11.54 each
Bleeder Valves: $5.59 each
Cross Drilled Rotors: $101.87 each
(AC Delco?) Ceramic Pads: $55.99
Stainless Steel Brake Lines: $156.14 for the complete set (I assume a set of 4, killer price here folks!)
Parking Brake Cables: $40.39 each
Bolts for the Caliper Brackets: $4.92 each and you need 4

All prices do not include any taxes

Expensive at a little bit less than $1040+tax, but there's a lot of ways to cut that amount down if you want to save money and do some of the leg work yourself at a scrapyard or use different parts.


Posts: 1667
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Location: B-town, ON
by Viperoni » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:54 pm
Here's another source for SS brake lines, american though: ... perfCode=S
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