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by TOH » Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:07 pm
After working on a 2000 SC2 I built for my son, I fell in love with Saturns, so I bought a 1999 SW1 for my daughter (she just gaduated from Guelph as a Vet). I am looking to replace the interior carpet (original is tooooo far gone). Replacement carpet companies list carpets for 92 - 96. Any idea if a 96 would fit into the 99? There is no owners manual with the car. Anyone know if there is a magic trick to getting the 60/40 rear seat to fold only the 40 piece down? The entire seat folds down fine, but I can't get just the small (or large) seat to fold. Also looking for a set of steelies.



Went to Cambridge Auto Wreckers and got lots of "goodies"including a manual. The passenger side seat release strap was buried inside the upholstery. Problem solved. Steelies for $30.00 ea. Got new seats from a SW2 as well as carpet. Also got power lock actuators, switches etc. Adding power mirror on the right side. Restoration is going well

Now I am looking for the panel that mounts the power mirror switch in the center console. I have one from the wreckers that supports power right power mirror and power windows. Does anyone know if it was possible to get the power mirror option without power windows?


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