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by Slayer » Sun Nov 12, 2006 6:47 pm
Here at we do not approve of Street racing.

This forum is for Track and Tuning Only. All Street Racing talk will be locked on sight, reviewed by all mods then action will be taken.

Please Take it to the track!

This Forum is For:
Drag Racing of any kind, Autocross, Road Racing (not street racing there is a difference), Dyno runs, or just general Tuning talk.

People posting Street racing topics, will be warned, and the Mods will decide as a group any actions that may need to be taken in the future if it continues

Some actions May include
Banning from this Forum
Temporary banning from the site
or even permanent banning from the site.

Street racing is NO JOKE, too many people die from this.

Updated : Dec. 26, 2006
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