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Do you even use the spell checker?

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100% Nope

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by Slayer » Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:39 pm
Ok, i installed this spell checker when i first started the board, mainly cause typo's are inevitable

I had thought i turned it OFF by default for new users and people could just click the button if they wanted to run a spell check.

well today i accidentally types our URL into a google search rather than my address bar, and came across a post on another site about our spell checker being annoying (i agree)

hence why i thought i turned it off by default.

Turns out i did some testing (making a new account, changign some settings etc... re-creating a new account and it doesnt seem to turn off as expected.

I ran a system wide SHUT OFF which turned it OFF for all users that are currently registered, it is un-reversable by me (because i dont know what settings you had) but you can goto your profile and change it to whatever you like.

As for NEW USERS who do not liek it, please go turn it off in your profile.

simpley click the PROFILE link at the top and look for the following:


then simply choose NO that will turn it off and only be available when you click the SPELL CHECK Button

I hope this helps someone.

Also, who even uses this feature? im curious weather it shoudl even stay on the board in the future
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