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by artsar » Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:35 pm
I know not many people have ions on here anymore, but I figure someone may know someone who wants air.

The air ride kit that was in my car is for sale.

Pair of Easy Street Struts
Chrome 5 Gal Tank
4 2 way valves (3/8")
2 Viair 380s
Water Trap
Fittings (one pair is ruined... hit the pavement)
Lots of Plumbing fittings. (I made a manifold to try and clean up the lines coming from the tank)
2 Dual Needle Analog Guages and 1 Single Needle Guage (Monitor Each Wheel and Tank)
Digital Air Ride Guage (Monitor Each Wheel and Tank, Installed, but never wired. I lifted the car by feel)
Blue 10 Switch Box

What this kit doesn't come with is rear bags. They looked alittle worse for wear so I thought it was best to scrap them rather then include them. They still work and hold air perfect. They just look like shit. Only parts you would need for this kit is some wiring, switches (which can be found at Canadian Tire) and then some air line and 2 bags. (These can be purchased at airassited.ca)

ALSO You will need a bracket for the rear bags or Cut off the Nipples that the springs sit around in the rear. OR I have been designing a custom rear swing arm thats adjustable and can be purchased from Mindliss Metal Fab in Manitoba. Also I have my stock swing arm that I have modified that I am willing to let go with the set up.

I will post this as BEST OFFER, BUT I am looking for around $1600, The bags are $1000 at AAC New and a Digital Air Monitor alone is about $350US New. I may part out depending on whats offered. Kit is still on the car until I receive my new struts from Mindliss Metal (about 2 weeks)

Reason for sale. I have a new suspension set up being created. Should get me lower and higher.
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