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by flyirwin1 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:25 pm
I had to rebuild my Saturn engine because i threw a rod. It took a really long time because i'm not a mechanic, Because of how long it took some of the connections (terminals?) at the end of the wires that connect to the different areas of the engine have become rusted. also, some of them got banged up when i was pulling out the engine. I have searched all over the place trying to find what these wires are called. i even went to the dealership. the most i can figure is that its called the main wire harness. this makes me think theres a secondary harness two. The wires start off all together then branch off to the different parts of the engine. the ones that are the worse off are the wires at the end of the string.

my question is what are these wires called? what are the little pieces at the end called? and can i buy the terminal connections (little guys at the end of the wires) separate from the main harness so i can splice new terminals to the existing wires?

i'd greatly appreciate any information. i have found some diagrams, but none that say what the wires are called and/or how to get new ones. This damn car has been broke for 6 years at least now, and everyone i know makes fun of me saying i should just give up. it only has 52,000 miles on it, leather seats, basically it was the showroom car in the year 2000. so i don't want to just give in and call it quits. oh and it has the dual overhead cam.

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