Rear Seat Soundsystem

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Good Idea?

33% Yes
67% No

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by sc1_man » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:27 pm
sc2_projekt_97 wrote:
ScottyC wrote:im only removing the backrest nopt the bottom part of the seat and thats not a tip im looking for help not crap?

chill out bro!

and i say no. this is not functional or practical. you will have seat bottoms with no backs. it will look wierd. also, you will never be able to get nice sounding bass with this setup. you would have to build a box a little smaller than the trunk and wedge it in there. if you try to seal off the trunk and use the turnk as you box, you will NEVER have a tight enclosure. just leave the back seats in and build a nice box in the trunk. maybe even build it in the spare tire well if you want to be creative. or, put a 10" sub in the rear package tray between the two 6.5" speakers like i did :) custum built box mounted in with existing bolt holes underneath the tray cover. also, it is on unit that puts a nice amp "wall" behind the back seats. seats closed, completely stock. seats down, amps, wiring and neons! lol. anyways. go for something clean, functional and a little more practical.

anyways, good luck with whatever you do.

like to see a pic of how you did your sub might do it with mine
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