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by Slayer » Mon May 10, 2010 9:09 pm
Ok, for the real newbies who don't know what O6P Swag is, its simply O6P Fundraising. T Shirts, Mugs etc. Just to make some cash flow for the site.

The site unfortunatly doesnt make money.. the few ads i put up on the old board they generated about $100 over 1.5 years... we're not large enough to make our hosting fees back ove a year even :(

however, you can help buy buying a T Shirt ;)

I've just reduced all T Shirt prices!!

P.S. I'm not marking these up that much, we're only getting about $3 per shirt sale towards the site.
If you check out the o6p Swag Store, you'll see the old style we sold last year, and a couple new shirts with our new logo on them.

If you like the old design, start getting them now (there going into retirment) *these are the Eat Sleep Saturn ones.*

I am trying to move the site away from copy written materials. saturn doesn't like it (i assume) and the company that makes the shirts seem to flag them as non printable after a while... so once they stop prniting them there DONE!

I will be designing more in the near future when i get some time, and see a demand for stuff again.

anyways, check it out, buy some stuff ;) they ship directly to you, you dont have to pay me. (although it is possable to pay me and have me place your order if you like)

here's the link (its also in the main sites menu too)

Thanks for Looking
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